Well, we had a lovely relaxing time in wet Wales, and actually managed to avoid a lot of the rain, although there were several days when I thought we could be flooded out as the rain was so heavy!  I've transferred the photos to my hard drive now, so watch this space as I am sue to post some as and when I get the chance.  Unfortunately, I am now on a mammoth catch up to get all the work done I should have been doing whilst we were away.  the trouble with being self employed is that when you take time off, the work just does not get done so, of course, that means no fee notes are sent out and no money comes in....looks like I'm going top be extra busy for the foreseeable future ;).

Of course, what I really want to be doing is crafting and I did manage to make some cards whilst I was away.  I would have made more (I had plans to make several albums and some pencil boxes) but I ended up forgetting my score board and was at a complete loss!

This is the kit I had fun with though:

Isn't it gorgeous?  I love Aimee's kits and they just see to get better and better!  Those journal cards are lovely, and I was going to make something with those or the stackables (which are truly gorgeous ;)) but then I saw these:

I originally started off making cards, etc digitally, so did not have a lot of equipment (Big Shot, dies, punches, stamps and so on) to start off with, so I decided to make cards using just the kit and templates (but I did end up cheating and used some antique ribbon on one of the cards though ;) ).  After all, if all you have is the digital kit (which you can print as many times as you like), can you really make cards and stuff without adding anything or having to have all the necessary tools?

Well, this is the proof that you don't have to have lots of gadgets, ribbon,  buttons and so on:

Pretty neat, huh (and modest of me, too!!!)?  The bottom card was created using one of the templates.  I made a digital scrapbook page as you would normally, then scaled everything down to fit an A6 card,  transferred each paper and element separately onto an A4 image and then printed everything out.  I then had the long job of cutting everything out, which is the one thing that always seems to take the longest time!  You really do need decent scissors for this though, especially for the fussy cutting out, and I use the Stampin' Up! Paper Snips.  They are just about the best small scissors I have ever used!

Anyhow, I then used my original scrap page as a guide (although this was complicated by the fact that my youngest son was trying to play Minecraft on my laptop at the same time as I kept checking the scrap page ;)).  The final card is not quite as per the template and I put that down entirely to my son hogging my laptop!

The top card was made using slightly different elements and papers from the kit but this time with no template.

As you can see, whilst my cutting out is not 100% perfect (probably far from it unfortunately), it just shows you can make cards using digital kits which is an added bonus, as you will never ever in out of the digital paper and embellishments provided you don't delete the files form your hard drive ;).

Why don't you have a go and see what you can come up with?  You might even surprise yourself!!!  If you do use a digital kit to make real life cards, please leave a link in the comments so I can see what you have done :).

Happy Scrapping!