Have you ever had one of those months when just about everything went wrong that could go wrong?    Well, if so, you will know the sort of month I have just had :(.  There seemed to be just one deadline after another, stress over clients not giving me their books and records until two weeks before accounts had to be filed at Companies House, other clients pressing for accounts by return of post (and then not paying me!), and I am still trying to get my craft website up and running.

Well, I am expecting great things from next week as I am taking a week off and we are all going to  Wales for a much needed break.  Naturally, I am taking my laptop - there is no way I could withstand the withdrawal symptoms for that length of time ;) and I also want to take my Wacom tablet to get some serious designing in!  Plus, our eldest son will be joining us too, and will bring what he has done so far on the website.  The idea is that we can move this blog over in a few days time, and then concentrate on getting the rest of the website up and running.  So, I'm really looking forward to this as it is all really exciting.  And yes, the family does think I need to get a life!

I'm also hoping the weather will be dry this week so that we can get some walking in.  We'll be stopping in the middle of nowhere and have plans to walk up Snowdon, go to Lake Vyrnwy, visit Powys Castle and generally just relax and unwind.  So watch this space for all those photos I intend taking!!!

Sorry, I'm a bit late posting these but here are my quickpages from the Freedom kit:


I hope you like them and can make use of them.  You can download them here.

The other designers taking part in the quickpage blog train are:

Mags Graphics

Heavenly Crafts  (You are here!)

Do go along and see what they have come up ;).

Happy scrapping!