Happy New to you all! It's been really busy here over Christmas, trying to fit tax returns and accounts in between spending time with the family. Our eldest son came home for Christmas, which was lovely, and then he and his girlfriend came over for the New Year too (he had to work between Christmas and the New Year).

I still haven't managed to find the time to go and see Twilight. I've read the books (thanks to our daughter who passed them on to me!) and am debating whether or not I can ignore work and go see the film. But I still have 43 tax returns to do between now and the end of January, so things are a bit panicky here, to say the least.

I reckon the one thing I need to do this year is to get organised, so I have signed up for en e-course which should, hopefully, get me started. If I was more organised, I wouldn't have this mad panic every December/January, and would have more time for designing and just messing around on the computer!

And talking of messing around on the computer, that is what I was doing this morning as I was given a Bamboo tablet for Christmas, so I have been trying it out. I'm still getting used to using both the pen and Art Rage (which came with the tablet), but I reckon there are loads of things I could do with it once I get the hang of it! So watch this space!

In the meantime, I was out this morning and managed to get some photos of the frost and ice, and came up with these:

It's a set of six papers, and here are some closeups of some of the papers.

I really like them, and hope you do too. To download, just click on the preview or here.
Hope you have a truly happy and peaceful New Year. I'm off to listen to Viva La Vida now whilst tyring to finish off a set of accounts. My daughter took me to see Coldplay in concert for my Christmas, and I've been playing the CD non stop ever since! If you ever get the chance, go and see Coldplay live, they are brilliant!