Well, September has been a busy month!  I'm managed to scrape through to the finals of the Digiscrapaddicts designer contest (by the skin of my teeth) and the experience has been amazing.  I always find when I enter things like this that it stretches me and I learn new techniques which is no bad thing.  I mean,  I learnt how to make vellum paper for this contest as well as how to make staples, although to be honest, my attempts are not exactly the best.  I do have a little freebie for you but more on that in a bit ;).

The big news is that my son has almost got my website up and running!  He needs to finish the shop part of it, and I have to give him info for the home page and so on, but it is looking like it could be active next month!  It seems to have taken eons to get this far, so I am really excited and will definitely let you know when everything is live.  Of course, you will undoubtedly find out as the blog will be transferring over too ;).

So, what has been happening here since I last posted?  Well, our middle son has now gone back to University in St Andrews, and of course, I took my camera along for the trip (have you ever known me not to do this?!!!) and just look at what we saw.

This is walking up from the harbour towards South Street:

A view of South Street:

The harbour, taken from the pier:

And another shot of the harbour!

The pier:

By tradition, the students walk down the pier every Sunday after chapel.  There are various explanations for this tradition, but my favourite is that the students used to accompany the visiting preacher back to the harbour where he would get in his boat at the end of the pier.  The students, in the main, wear their red gowns (or at least we used to when I was at St Andrews ;) ), walk down the pier on the right hand side, climb up the ladders at the end of the pier and walk back along the top of the pier.  I'd never do that now as it seems an awfully narrow path and such a long way down to the rocks and the sea beneath!

Then there is, of course, the castle, where if you wear your red gown (students in St Andrews wear red undergraduate gowns) you can get in free!

And finally, my son's room!

He reckons it'll be a good room to have a party in!

So, I believe I mentioned a freebie, and here it is.  It's a very rough and ready grab bag containing:

  • Vellum notepaper;
  • Rose overlay;
  • Rose paper (pink);
  • Chick;
  • Ribbon wrapper; and
  • Rust effect paper

Like I said, it is very rough and ready and is just odds and ends I have lying around on my hard drive! There are no TOU's in there or anything other than the six items.  There isn't even a preview!  So feel free to grab it by licking HERE.  Hopefully you will find it useful.

I do intend to start blogging more frequently from now on,  but don't hold your breath!

Happy scrapping!