Woah, I can hardly believe it has been so long since I last blogged! I was busy in December and January trying to get a million and one tax returns submitted. Well, it felt like a million and one at least ;). Then at the beginning of February, hubbie agreed to put a false ceiling up in my office, which meant a complete redecoration job, including a late night trip to Ikea to get some new office furniture. I was hoping that we would have it all finished in a weekend.....how wrong I was! DD and I did most of the redecorating once the ceiling was up, but it involved moving furniture around every time we wanted to decorate a different wall!

We'd had this great idea that we if we put all the furniture in the middle of the room, then we could work round the outside. Whilst in theory this proved to be true, because I have a huge office desk, a large corner computer desk, three filing cabinets and then all the files, etc that were on the bookcase and shelves before we moved them, we had very little space to manoeuvre in! We managed, however, to finish all the painting (apart from the ceiling which has still to be done....) by the Sunday night. However, I was so exhausted by the end of it (I found muscles were aching in places where I never even knew I had muscles!), all I could do for the next few days was just sit and look at the boxes that needed to be put away!

It has taken me about 10 days to finally sort everything out, and there is just a little more to do and then it will be all finished! Not bad considering I have had to be out of the office working at a client's for much of that time.

So, I have not had much time to do any scrapping or designing, although I am in the process of designing a kit for the next ADSDesigners blog train. This has a spring theme, so I have put together some Spring papers for you:

They are very plain and simple, with slight variations in colour but should make lovely background papers (or at least I think so:)). Just click on the preview or here to download. Enjoy!

I'm off now to do our church notices ready for Sunday morning as tomorrow, DD, myself and my parents are off to Liverpool to see the touring "Joseph". I haven't been to Liverpool for donkeys years, so am really looking forward to it, and the theatre in the early evening. I'll let you know all about it when we get back!