As per usual, life has been busy around here as our eldest son was married last month and I made all the invitations, order of service cards, and the banner for the top table.  In fact, I was so busy making those, I ended up forgetting to make them a wedding card until the day we were due to leave for Yorkshire and we ended up leaving late as I was busy card making! 

Fortunately, the wedding was the next day, but it did end up all being a bit of a rush.  By the time we got to the hotel where we were stopping for the night, I was so tired I ended up shutting the boot of the car on my glasses.  since I was wearing them at the time, this resulted in me having a rather lovely graze that was luckily hidden by my glasses. One of the few occasions when I have been thankful I wear glasses, although if I didn't wear them, I probably wouldn't have ended up having them scrape all down my nose with disastrous results!

The wedding went well though and I am now officially a mother in law, but hopefully not a too terrifying one....

Now the wedding is over, this has meant that I can get creative with something other than night of navy and whisper white cardstock.  I was lucky enough to be able to play with the Heartsong collection from Snickerdoodle Designs at the weekend:

 Heartsong Collection

Isn't it just scrumptious?  I just love those birds, they are so cute! You can find the whole collection (and the papers, clusters, etc. are sold separately too ;) !!!) at The Digichick and it is definitely well worth a look.

Anyhow, I got carried away with this kit, as you will see in later posts, but started off making simple bookmarks:

I did use wordart from other designers too and again, details are on the hybrid chick blog.

These were so quick and easy to make and only took one sheet of photographic paper, less than two sheets of plain cardstock, and a little patterned paper and ribbon.  Full details of how I made these are on The Hybrid Chick blog.

Well, that is a short update from me as I now have to go run a payroll (I do lead such an exciting life ;) ).  I am going to try to post more regularly, just don't hold your breath though as time has a nasty habit of running away with me as there just never seem to be enough hours in the day!

Happy scrapping!

I have been meaning to finish making this gift box and post it for ages and finally had some free time yesterday. Why is it that whenever you want to get something finished, there are always six million other things that have to be done first?!!!

I used cutting files from Valentina's Creations (the pictures are linked to the store so just click on those if you want to take a closer look):

Aren't they both neat?  The box cutting file was actually so easy to use and the rosettes were just as easy - I just needed to cut two of those. The most complicated/fiddly part was putting the rosette together!

Anyhow, full details are can be found here on The Hybrid chick blog so go take a look and see how the box and rosette was made and then why not have a go yourself? You don't even need a cutting machine to make these as you can easily hand cut the box file from the pdf and use an edge punch on cardstock to make the rosette!

Happy crafting!

Thankfully, the January tax return filing deadline has now passed and I was so pleased to actually get all my clients' tax returns (and mine ;) ) filed before midnight on 31 January. Mind you, my tax return actually went in at 2 minutes to midnight, so I did cut is fine!

But, with the tax return panic now being over, I can get back to the serious business of crafting!  

Last last year I made some tile coasters and have just got around to posting about them on the hybrid chick blog:

They were so easy to make and full details are on the Hybrid Chick blog (just click on the above photo to be taken straight to the blog). These were a lovely change from cards and albums, and made a lovely gift when tied with ribbon:

In fact, they were so easy to make that I ended up being carried away and used up a whole box of tiles (a pack of 25 from Homebase which cost less than £5) to make even more coasters.  Here are just a few of them:

Why not have a go yourself at making some of these?  They really are very simple as you just need tiles, cork matting, glue and varnish.  As I mentioned above, full details are on the hybrid chick blog so why not take a look and then make some coasters yourself?

Well, I have a glass of red wine calling my name, so I'm off now!  I hope to be back soon with some more crafting ideas so in the meantime, happy scrapping!