I have been meaning to finish making this gift box and post it for ages and finally had some free time yesterday. Why is it that whenever you want to get something finished, there are always six million other things that have to be done first?!!!

I used cutting files from Valentina's Creations (the pictures are linked to the store so just click on those if you want to take a closer look):

Aren't they both neat?  The box cutting file was actually so easy to use and the rosettes were just as easy - I just needed to cut two of those. The most complicated/fiddly part was putting the rosette together!

Anyhow, full details are can be found here on The Hybrid chick blog so go take a look and see how the box and rosette was made and then why not have a go yourself? You don't even need a cutting machine to make these as you can easily hand cut the box file from the pdf and use an edge punch on cardstock to make the rosette!

Happy crafting!