Well, last weekend we had absolutely glorious weather (of course, it wasn't a Bank Holiday weekend!) and I just happened to be in Plymouth collecting our daughter from Uni as she has now finished for the year (part timer!).

I arrived late Friday evening just after midnight to discover the inner door to the flat had blown shut in the wind and she was locked out..... Well, after finding out the step ladders were too short to allow her bf to climb in through the bedroom window (her room is on the first floor) and then having her try to hunt in the garden for another pair of ladders only to trip over a step in the process and graze both her knees, we discovered that the lock to the inner door could be jiggled.  the only problem was, there was a metal plate in front of it which prevented you being able to jiggle enough to get the door open.  However, one trip by her bf to his house to collect a variety of screwdrivers later, my daughter then unscrewed the metal plate whilst I held the torch so she could see what she was doing (of course, being a student flat they had not replaced the light bulbs downstairs when they went...sigh!) and then bf sprised the door open whilst she jiggled the lock.  Fun and games all round, but at least we got in. I really didn't fancy sleeping on the floor or in the car until we could get hold of the landlady!

So, the weather then being as lovely as it was, we went to Lydford Gorge on the Saturday and these are a few photos (I won't bore you with all of the several hundred photos I took!):

All of the above are straight out of the camera, as is this one:

 I love the effects you can get just by changing some of the settings on the camera!

We took most of the afternoon to walk all around the gorge, so on the way back, we took a slight detour via Dartmoor:

Don't we just have the most beautiful countryside?

All in all, we had a great day out and I know I for one came back exhausted!  

We woke the next morning to torrential rain so of course, we decided that the weather was definitely going to improve and we were going out no matter what!  So off to Buckfast Abbey we went!

The above was walking down to the entrance to the Abbey - just look how dark and dismal it is looking!  We actually had the brollies out and were anticipating a day of rain.....but when we came out later, look at the change in the weather:

Brilliant blue skies!

A trip to the Orchard garden:

Then a gentle stroll around the grounds:

Yet another day when I ended up exhausted!