So, as I said earlier, I spent yesterday crafting as I had been given this scrumptious kit to work with:

Don't you just love those birds?  They are so adorable and the colours in the kit are gorgeous.  And guess what?  It is actually on sale at the moment too so why not hop over to The Studio and take a look?
The preview is linked to the shop too, to make life easier for you ;)!

Anyhow, the bundle has some beautiful clusters in so I decided to use these to make a set of cards in a gift box.  All I did was create a blank A4 image in Photoshop then use the guides in Photoshop to split the image so that I could print off 8 cards from one sheet of A4 cardstock.  I used the clusters in the kit to make these:

The only thing I added was the text underneath each image - so quick and easy to do!

I then made envelopes for each card as I didn't have any small enough in my stash.  Now I have a Martha Stewart scoring board and this comes with an added triangle bit (the envelope tool) that you slot on top of the board in order to score diagonally:

The envelope tool fits in the corner and has measurements and scoring guides for different sizes of card, but didn't, unfortunately, have one for an A7 card (which is what I had made) so, after much playing around with scraps of A4 I finally managed to work out that I needed a ^" by 6" piece of paper,which needed to be scored at 2" and 2.75" on the diagonal like this:

You then need to cut out the diagonal cross over patches like this:

And then fold it over to make the envelopes:

All that remains is to create the box and I made a template so you can see the measurements and scorelines:

If I have done this right, you should be able to click on it and save it to your hard drive, or open in another webpage and then save.

Print this on a sheet of A4 (8.3" by 11.7") card stock , then after cutting, scoring and trimming you end up with this:

Of course, the above photo was taken before I cut out the middle flaps (you just can't get the staff, can you?!!!).  This is how it should have looked:

I actually rounded the flaps as you can see from the bottom of the above photo (I took the photo before I rounded the top flaps though.....oh well, I did round them once I realised!). I then used extra strong double sided tape on the flaps but on the inside of the box, not the outside.

On the front of the box, double sided tape was added to the small flaps:

It was then a case of carefully sticking the box together, trying to make sure everything was stuck at a right angle:

I then added ribbon to the back and front, but to help cover this up, added at the back a plain piece of cardstock from one of the digital papers in the kit.  The card stock was stuck down over the ribbon, which was also stick to the card box using double sided tape.

For the front of the box, I  added one of the clusters from the kit and some of the birds to create this:

And this is the finished article:

And here's the inside:

Let me know if you make one of these, I'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy scrapping!