Well, it is a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, so what better way to spend it than crafting?  I'm sat here at my computer, Jasmine tea in the pot next to me, a film on the screen and blogger open!

So, what have I been up to recently?  Well the main thing that has happened recently is the trip to Manchester to see Coldplay and oh, were they amazing!  Firstly, Etihad Stadium was just sooo big!  I've never been in anything that size, not being a football fan, so was amazed at just how big it was:

Pretty impressive, huh?

We missed the support acts due to having some wonderful Italian food at Carluccio's  (their spaghetti carbonara is to die for!) so we didn't have to wait long for Coldplay to come on.

So, as you can see from the first photo, we were some way away from the stage (and there were masses of people higher than us as well!).  This obviously called for my zoom lens, and oh, boy, I took some photos! A lot of them were just slightly off, a little but blurry as, to be honest, my zoom lens weighs a ton and without a tripod, it is so easy to move the camera whilst taking a shot.  However, here is one of the better shots:

Not bad, eh?  Mind you, since you don't know how many photos I took, you can't see how many rubbish ones there were ;)!

And the previous day, I actually managed to work out how to use the video on my camera.  I've only had my camera a couple of years, so it's not taken me long!  So, this is Coldplay in action:

You will have to excuse the shaking, like I said, that zoom lens is heavy!  Mind you, the practice  did me good as look what I managed to capture last Sunday flying over Cosford:

I think the Red Arrows are amazing and it is wonderful to be able to see them.  Just look at how close they get:

There were only 7 planes there instead of the usual 9, but they were a joy to watch. then look at what came later:

And yes, that photo is the right way round, the helicopter was flying upside down!  Don't ask me what type is was (Apache?) - when my youngest son asked me what one of the earlier helicopters was, my answer was "a yellow one"!

Then this has to be an amazing shot (modesty is one of my gifts!):

I mean, how fast was that flying? Just look at the whatever it is, the slipstream or whatever (I'm sure there must be some technical term or other for it!) on the wings, amazing, eh?!!!

Well, that was how I spent last Sunday and the weekend before.  Yesterday I was crafting, and I will be back shortly with a tutorial to show you what I made.