You remember the smash book/alerted folder I created a few weeks ago using Digilicious Designs Project 365 for January?  Well, I was over the moon when they asked at Digishoptalk if they could include it in the March edition of Insider magazine :) !!!  I was really chuffed as my grandmother would have said, to think they thought it good enough.  

Insider magazine came out last week, so the very first thing I did was check to see if I was in the hybrid picks category :)  I'm still wearing the big grin on my face from seeing my work  published at DST!  I know I'm sad and really need to get a life, lol!

Well, with work being less hectic at the moment, I have had chance to get around to making more hybrid items, and I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to work with  Delight of this day by PrelestnayaP Design:

It is a beautiful kit to work with, and just the sort of thing to use for Mother's Day, which is coming up here in the UK at the end of March.  Now I have made altered notebooks before now, and one of my friends came up with the idea of using these in a card so here it is!!!

The card is 5"x5" and the background is just a fraction smaller - I think it was about 4.75"x4.75".  I actually printed on A4 cardstock two different backgrounds, made using different papers and elements.  One of them had a pale blue background (as shown above) and the other had a pale green one shown below:

I used double sided tape to attach the background to the base card, only taping on three sides.  the top was left unstuck so the notebook could be slid inside.  I made the card so that it was as stand alone card as well as a notebook card holder, and I actually think they turned out really well.  I did have to do some jigging around with the "Just a note" on the notebook to get it placed right, and this was a trial and error effort as my first attempt had the text to close to the flowers once it was printed out.

Guess what card my mum is going to get for Mother's Day?!!!