It seems like an age since I last posted, yet is has only been a couple of weeks which, for me, isn't bad going!  Work is beginning to pick up again, not that it was ever quiet, but I now need t finish off stuff I didn't get chance to at the end of January plus do the new accounts, etc that have come in.,  as well as start the P35's and PIId's.  Life just seems to be one deadline after another!

So, never one to do work when the opportunity arises to do something more interesting, I decided to have a play with my zoom lens.  I was actually pegging out the washing when I noticed a robin on the fence.  So I dashed inside (well, crept actually, so as not to frighten the robin!), grabbed my camera and zoom lens, hit behind the washing on the line and took these:

He was singing away merrily, which is what caught my attention in the first place!  This is the first time I have been able to get my camera out quickly enough to photograph any birds close up, so I was really pleased with the results.  Of course, my hiding behind the washing did not go unnoticed for long......

And then he really got a good look at me:

and promptly flew away, but look what else I saw:

Not bad for a beginner with a zoom lens, eh?!!!  And ok, the exposure may leave a lot to be desired, but I am still learning manual mode.

Well, I then walked back into my office to put away my camera, but before I did, look what I found on my boot:

You probably can't make it out very well, so apologies for the poor photo, but here is a close up after I managed to place the butterfly on the ground:

It stayed there for ages but eventually flew off, but not before I had taken loads more photos!  Anyhow, after that, it just seemed a waste of a day not to go out, so I managed to persuade hubbie to go to Attingham Park for a walk around the deer park.  This is a side view of the house from the deer park:

 And look what we saw when we got into the deer park?!!!

They put food out for the deer this time of year so at weekends, if you time it right, you get to see one or more of the herds of deer.  They are used to people, so I was able to take photos and, having my zoom lens with me this time, I could get some close up shots too.

They have opened up a new p[art of the woodlands at Attingham Park too since we were last there, and this is completely new (or at least new to us ;) ):

You can't get into the hut, the door is blocked inside by branches and soil and stuff, but the walls are made of clay and it is apparently to demonstrate how you would build a home if you had no modern man made materials.  The path in this part of the woods leads back to the peacock carving:

and the footbridge over the river:

We then went on to Shawbury Garden Centre which was recently taken over by new owners.  They don't have that much there at the moment, but you can see how they will be developing the garden centre as they have done loads of work.  I did, however, manage to pot of white hyacinths for my office, so in a few days or so, the office should be filled with the beautiful aroma of blooming hyacinths! We had a lovely afternoon and finished it off with fish and chips from the chip shop at Tern Hill.  My youngest reckons they make the best chips around here!

Anyhow, that was my Saturday, so I'm now off to do some crafting!

Happy Scrapping!