Well, yes, I know, it is now February, way past Christmas, but I have been busy catching up on all my hybrid projects now that the tax return panic is over.  

This is a purse bag made using the Purse Gift Bag template by Boop Designs:

This template is so easy to use and the finished bag is surprisingly large. It was actually really nice to end up with a large bag, instead of one that can only hold, say, a necklace or pair of earrings.  If you are looking for a larger gift bag, then this is ideal.

TO decorate it, I used the gorgeous Decadent Season kit by Julie C and Paper Capers Designs:

I fell in love with that kit as soon as I saw it, and it is a real joy to use. AS you can probably see form earlier posts, I have used this kit a fair nit this Christmas!

go check the template and the kit out for yourself as the previews are linked to the store.

I then had the chance to work with the Vintage Berry Page Kit by BooLand Designs:

My daughter's favourite colour is currently purple, so this was an obvious choice for gift boxes for her.  I still want to do more with this kit, I just wish I had more than 24 hours in each day and seven days in each week!

Anyhow, as part of her Christmas, we got our daughter two necklaces, so I used some gift box templates I found online to make these:

One box was rectangular and the other more square and both were big enough to take a necklace each, or some chocolates, or other small gift.  

Let me know if you try these out yourself.  I'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy scrapping!


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