This is my son's school this morning:

Thieves tried to remove metal from the roof over the weekend and then the high winds did the rest of the damage.  I don't think anyone was hurt but it could have been so much more serious.  The school is closed today and will, apparently, be open tomorrow.  So I have one happy son, who now has an unexpected day off school. He is, of course, putting this day to good use and is on his computer.  not, needless to say, studying, but playing Counter Strike or Dawn of War or some such bloodthirsty and brutal game..........

As for me, well I have to spend the day working although I did get chance for some crafting last week and over the weekend.  This is what I made:

This is another calendar I made using Nibbles Skribbles 2012 Calendar Templates and Early Morning Light by Piggy Scraps (which I absolutely love!).

The calendar templates and kit can be found in the shop here:



Fonts used: Traveling Typewriter and LD Remington Portable

This time, I put all the months on one A4 file, added the "month" headings and the year. The "2012" was created using the LD Remington Portable font and then one of the kit papers was clipped to this and embossed slightly. The background scene was created using the kit and then printed it off. The only trouble I had was in trying to get the printer to print the right colours as it kept making everything yellow!

I reckon this just shows how adaptable the calendar templates are, as you can use them to make a variety of calendars, and they are a definite must have item as far as I am concerned! 

Anyhow, why not give it a go yourself?  These are so easy to make, although it does take time getting the dates and everything aligned correctly and making the background layout.  I always have a one page calender stuck on the side of my desk for easy reference, and I also give them as Christmas gifts.  Much better than the ones you buy in the shops!

Well, I'm off to tweak a set of accounts and do a tax return, so have fun whatever you are doing!

Happy scrapping!


  1. MandaK said...

    Your calendar is gorgeous! It's so fun to see the unique way you used the templates! Thanks for sharing! Mandak (aka Nibbles Skribbles)  

  2. Lynn said...

    Thank you for the templates - they are soooo easy to use :)