I have completed my first project for The Studio Hybrid CT and here it is:

I used Nibbles Skribbles 2012 Calendar Templates which are so easy to use!

All I did was create a 6x4 portrait file and put a guideline half way down the page. I then used the calendar templates in the bottom half (resizing them slightly) , and inserted my photos in the top half. I didn't use any of the backgrounds, or anything else from the templates, just the dates and days.  I had to add the months myself, and the description for the photos.

The back cover was made from two pieces of card (A6 size) trimmed to 4 inches wide. I then scored each piece of card at 6 inches for the base. 

I used my Bind it All machine to bind it together, and stick the the bottom of the back cover together using foam pads.

Font used: Traveling Typewriter
Supplies used: 6x4 photo paper, card, binder wires

I plan on printing out several more of these for Christmas gifts as they are so easy to make - it just takes time to sort out the photos really.  So why not give it a go yourself?  You don't have to do anything fancy, just copy and paste with maybe some resizing!

I'm also planning on making a more detailed/fancier calendar using scrap kits.  Have you seen the calendars by Shabby Princess and The Shabby Girl?   Well i want to make some like that.  I reckon I may have just about enough time between now and Christmas to get them all done as it effectively means 13 different layouts (one for each month plus the cover page).

Let me know if you make one yourself - I'd love to see what you do ;).

Happy Scrapping!


  1. MandaK said...

    I love these! It would be fun to make the top half a layout too. I might have to play around a bit and see what I can come up with! I'm hoping to get some calendar quick pages in the store soon, and a version like this might be on my list! I featured this post on my facebook page too! Love what you're doing!  

  2. Lynn said...

    I'm actually in the process of making a layout type calendar on A4 card - the top half being the layout, the bottom half being the dates and notes. It'll probably take me a month or so to get it all done though fitting it in with work and everything else, as I am working from scratch with 2011 templates from Julie C Designs and using your 2012 calendar templates plus The Studio kits! :)