Just a quick note to let you all know that the ADSDesigners blog train, Sunflower Patch, kicks off today. I'm in the process of sorting out my share of this kit but the internet problems earlier this week delayed things, plus I've had horrendous work deadlines resulting in me working until for instance, 2:30 am this morning.... ;(

I'll be back in a short while with all the links, etc. I need to check blog addresses and so on so I send you to the right place!

See you shortly :)

Just to let you know that we have been having major internet problems these past two weeks and have a very hit and miss connection, more miss than hit, to be honest. Despite having a brand new hub, I can currently only connect at an unearthly hour in the morning, and even that is intermittent. The BT engineer very kindly did not turn up yesterday, so I will have to ring them shortly to see what is happening and to get an engineer to actually make the effort to come and sort this out, although, of course, this being the weekend, they will probably not be around until Monday at the earliest. All this and I'm paying for business broadband too........

This is sooooo frustrating, especially as I need the internet for work and am currently unable to send in P35's and amended tax returns, as well as send payroll figures to clients by email. Oh, I lead such an exciting life - P35's, tax returns and payroll - I bet you're green with envy!

Anyhow, I will try and get back online later today, but it seems to be that as soon as the temperature warms up (and I use the phrase "warms up" very loosely here), the connection goes.

Oh well, at least I have a craft class to go to today which will take my mind of the internet problems!

I was so excited on Thursday morning as when I switched on my computer and checked my emails, I discovered I had been selected for the Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Program!!!!! If you had been anywhere near me at the time, you would have heard me squealing with excitement ;).

We each had to design a mini kit of three papers and five elements to reflect our personal style. This was my entry:

You can see all the contents in the preview:
  • 3 papers
  • Flower frame
  • Umbrella
  • Bird
  • Rainbow
  • Rain cloud and rain
There were a total of 88 entries and there were 27 accepted so I am really pleased to get through to round 1. I'm realistically not expecting to get much further, but am so pleased to have got this far! All the mini kits made for the contest are in the Little Dreamer Designs gallery and can be found here along with the download links. There are some amazing kits there ;).

Anyhow, actually made far more than the 3 papers and five elements we were asked to do, so though you might like to see what else I came up with :

It seems a bit silly to call this an "add on" when in reality, this was one kit with 10 papers and 23 elements which had some papers and elements taken out for the designer program. This add on contains:

  • 7 papers
  • Bracket mat
  • Notepaper
  • Sheep
  • Chick
  • 1 broken egg shell
  • 1 half egg shell
  • Sun
  • 2 clouds
  • 2 rain showers
  • Flower frame
  • Butterfly overlay (can you tell I like butterflies, ;)?)
  • 4 flowers
  • 1 Grass and flower border
You can find the downloads here:

The minikit is, as already mentioned, in the Little Dreamer Designs gallery and can be found here.

Happy scrapping!

Well, it's Easter Sunday morning and it is looking like a very mixed day weather wise here. the sun is shining over the front of our house, yet there are dark clouds looming ominously over the back garden....I reckon we are in for some heavy rain today. So what does Easter mean to you? Is is just a other day, part of a bank holiday that means you don't have to go in to work, a day when you can spend time with the family without worrying about everything you have to do, or is it something more than that?

For me, this is the day to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to be thankful yet again for all that he has done for me, but for my children, it is a day for chocolate and Easter eggs.....and a trip to grandma's for tea! Looks like that trip will be made in the rain though. Mind you, today the children (and hubbie ;) ) will be disgusted with me as I want to get to mum's early enough to use some of those punches and stamps she bought at the NEC last week. She went home with some gorgeous Martha Stewart punches and a beautiful set of owl stamps and I am sure she is feeling the need to share today! So I have to pack a bag with ink pads and card, plus a couple of boxes or two so I can use the punches and get some stamped images to take back home with me! And with the wonders of modern technology, I will then be able to scan the images into my computer and print them off whenever I need them! Isn't technology great?!!!

But in the meantime, here is the second set of quickpages I promised you:

I hope you like them. You can download these quickpages here.

Whatever you are doing this Easter Sunday, I hope you have a truly blessed day. I'm off now to get ready for church and then need to rush back home to make Mum and Dad an Easter card. I know, I know, it's not as if I didn't know Easter was coming either!

Happy scrapping!

...you get to look at my entry in the Fiskarettes Monday challenge, chocolate/brown. I wanted to have a go at distressing, so this is one of my first attempts and seemed to fit the chocolate/brown theme of last week’s challenge. The butterfly was made using the Fiskar’s Butterfly Template, the paper was torn using an edged ruler I have and I then used chalks on the torn edge.

All the papers, including the handmade one, are from my stash, so don’t ask me where they came from now as I can’t remember! Apologies for the quality of the photos - I work in our converted garage and there is no natural light at all unless I leave the door open but it is much too cold to do that this time of year!

I was really just playing to see how distressing worked, and whether chalks were effective, so I was pleased with the result, although obviously I still need loads of practice ;).

Mum and I went to the NEC on Saturday, to Hobbycraft at the NEC and had a whale of a time. We got there nice and early, and ended up spending a fortune! There were so many scrumptious craft goodies there, most of which I really, really, need! I had to settle for a Martha Stewart pansy edge punch, the Martha Stewart scoring board, several stamps, some really good quality card for stamping images on, several pairs of scissors with fancy edges, a few other punches (well, a girl can never have too many punches, or stamps ;) plus four sets of Promarkers! Mum bought even more than I did, and of course, I offered to carry the bags and I reckon I have only just stopped aching! Those Martha Stewart punches are gorgeous but they weigh an absolute ton!

I was also fortunate enough to attend a free Fiskars workshop where we made a lovely card and got to use some of the new Fiskars products. I also received a free goodie bag from Fiskars which was really the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned!

Mum and I came back absolutely exhausted and all shopped out and have decided that next time, we are going by car instead of taking the train. Carrying all those bags on the train was no joke and I am sure other passengers ended up with bruises where I accidentally caught them with a bag or two....

Anyway, I am still trying to find time to use all the goodies I bought, as so far, all I have done is take them out of the packaging. Hopefully I will have some free time over the Easter weekend to have a play! I did, however, manage to make some quickpages for the ADSDesigners Quickpage blog train. We were only supposed to make 2, but I ended up doing 4 but you will just have to wait for a couple of days for the other two. Here is the preview of the ones ready to download now:

I actually made a butterfly overlay using the butterfly from my Free Spirit kit and will let you have that later as well ;)

You can download my quickpages here and you can find the other quickpages at the following blogs:

I've just checked and none of the other QP's is up yet, but we are all different time zones anyway. Make sure you take a look at the others as I am sure they will be awesome!

Happy scrapping!

Edited to correct one of blog links.