I've been sorting out the office. Well, not sorting as such, more of a tidying up as I had about three feet of tax returns, accounts and other correspondence that I had just filed (ie dumped on one side in a huge pile) and I have now got around to putting them all in files....12 of them! I now need to set up a database and list them all in there so I can find everything without having to plough through 12 lever arch files every time. Oh. the joys of running an office, I can't wait!

I have spent some time photoshopping though, and currently have a few overlays and some extractions to share, but need to zip them up and upload them to 4shared. I am hoping to get this done later today but I have a very important appointment at the hairdressers for my bi-annual perm this morning (!!!!), so may not get chance to post anything before I go.

See you later!