Well, I had a wonderful time yesterday! As some of you may already know, Delirious, the band, is splitting up and are currently on their final tour. I went with a friend last night to see them play at the O2 Academy in Birmingham and had an amazing time!
We managed to get to Birmingham in plenty of time, but then had trouble actually finding the O2 Academy as it had moved across town to new premises. It is now in the old Dome nightclub, and since the only time I have ever been there was when my husband and I were courting (over 25 years ago!), I couldn't remember exactly where it was! Well, we found it in the end and stood at the back of a very long queue but soon found ourselves in the building.

The Cutting Edge Band came on first, dressed in wigs, baseball caps and old zipped jackets, and there were lots of comments about being on tour with those great guys, Delirious. then later, when Delirious came on, there were similar comments about how good it was to be with the Cutting Edge Band again! All very ironic considering the Cutting Edge Band is the former name of Delirious, hence the wigs and so on!

The music was wonderful, and the crowd fantastic. I have been to see Queen, Coldplay and the Fray, but this was even better because not only did you have a brilliant band, you had the presence of God there too! Awesome!

Apologies for the quality of the video. We were actually not too far from the stage, but my camera did a reverse zoom lens thingie on me and made everything look smaller than it really was.......

If you haven't been to see Delirious, then you should really try and get tickets, although most of them seem to have sold out. Delirious is one of the biggest Christian bands and definitely worth seeing as you may never have another chance to see them live.

OK, I am off to prepare our church notices and hopefully, I will be able to get some photoshopping in today as I have plans to make a 2010 planner and three advent calendars, as well as a thank you card for a beautiful scarf I was given earlier this week. the very same scarf that is around my neck as it is absolutely freezing here in my office being 55 F or 13C...I think I need to get my fingerless gloves on whilst I'm waiting for the office to heat up!

Oh, and if you fancy making a 2010 planner, take a look at:

The Amy Hutchinson planner can be found here (on sale at the moment with 20% off (so grab it quick!) although the price reduction doesn't show up until you put it into your shopping cart) and the free planner and pages from Brenda Arnall is here. I spent ages trying to find planners to download on the internet and these were the best of the ones I found. DIYplanner.com also has free downloadable pages too.

Ok, I am definitely going now and if I have time after everything else has been done, I will try to get back with a freebie sometime over the weekend.

Happy scrapping!


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