Well, I have been out all day at a client's trying to get a VAT return finished, but because of the quantity of invoices, etc to input, I still have to finish reconciling the bank account. Plus I have another set of accounts to complete for another client, so I guess this weekend will be busy with work, again!

I was hoping I would be finished today by lunchtime, but that was not the case :(. I really wanted to spend some time just messing on the computer as I was up until 1 am this morning trying to get some accounts finished. I managed to do the accounts, but need a couple of hours more to get the covering letter finished. Due to working late, I ended up oversleeping this morning, so couldn't go for a run with the boys (as if they would have got out of bed extra early for that anyway!).

We actually haven't been running for two weeks now due to work, colds, and other factors. So, in a vain attempt to get some exercise and lose some weight, I have bought myself the "30 day shred". Have you got this/seen the video/tried it out? I read some good reviews of this so thought I'd give it a go yesterday.... Oh, boy, are certain muscles aching today! I thought my arms were going to collapse when doing the press ups, but the workout was really good. It was quick, very efficient (or at least Gillian Michaels and her helpers were efficient, not so sure whether the same could be said of me!) and I definitely felt better afterwards (once I'd got my breath back and had a good rest!). I don't think I'll be doing it everyday though, maybe every other day, so I'll have to let you know how I get on. I have only started at level 1, after all, I don't want to overdo things!!! So the 30 day shred is about to become the 60 day shred, so in two months time, I should be fitter and, hopefully, thinner!

Anyhow, exercise apart, I did do some designing at the end of last month for the Summer Garden kit and here is the first of the extras I promised:

It's a set of basic papers in the Summer Garden swatch colours, so feel free to download by clicking on the preview. I was hoping to finish a desktop (my current desktop is still showing June and here we are nearly half way through July!) for you but haven't had the time to complete it yet...maybe at the weekend?

I've also found some brilliant paint brushes for Photoshop online and really want to make some plain painted papers. Oh, the things I want to do this weekend! Plus, it is also my Dad's birthday on Sunday so I need to make him a card. Now that I have taken up card making I refuse to buy cards...of course, if you costed out all time it takes me to design and make a card by hand, it would be far cheaper just to go out and buy one, but then where's the fun in that?!!!

Ok, I'm going to leave you now with the basic papers download, and hope to be back with painted papers some time over the weekend! I need to go get some sleep now, plus youngest son has promised me a back massage in return for me ungrounding him! That means, of course, I have to grab him whilst the offer is still good, otherwise I will miss out and I will have ungrounded him for nothing!!


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