Well, I've not been around much because last week, I took a trip to St Andrews as our 17 year old son wanted to go see the University since they had an open day last Wednesday. I went to St Andrews myself for four years, and I had completely forgotten just what a wonderful place it is. It has really got to be one of the absolutely best places to go to University in the whole world (not that I'm biased, mind;)).

The weather on the way up was atrocious. We left at 5 in the morning, and were faced with this on the way up:

The above is the traffic on the M6 - it wasn't actually raining at this point (or if it was, it was only very light rain), but just take a look at the low clouds. But shortly after this, once we had managed to get through Edinburgh (I took the wrong turn just as we hit the outskirts of Edinburgh and it then took us an hour to get form one side of the city to the other with all the roadworks and what not!), we were on the Forth Road Bridge in torrential rain:

The drive from there to St Andrews was awful, with spray and all sorts on the road. But when we finally arrived, what a change in the weather. We had a beautiful afternoon, with blue skies (albeit cloudy at times) and glorious sunshine. Of course, I was in my element taking loads of photos! Here are the old ruins:

We used to revise in the grounds there in May before our end of year exams. There is a long wall which you can't see in the photo but it is a real sun trap so you can revise and get a tan at the same time!

And this is the harbour:

Looking across to the pier:

The Atlantic Ocean:

A misty shot of the castle ruins:

Looking back from the pier at the town:

On the pier looking back at the old cathedral ruins:

Part of the castle ruins:

This was taken on the Wednesday morning - we have brilliant blue skies all day and it was absolutely gorgeous, really warm and sunny:

And a better shot of the castle:

Sam loved it, and is going to apply here, so it remains to be seen whether they make him an offer and if he can get the required grades.

I'll be back some time this week with another freebie - don't know what yet, or when , as I have four tax returns, amendments to a set of accounts and a set of company accounts to do plus a trip to Warwick University tomorrow for their open day! It's a busy week!


  1. Lee said...

    Your trip pictures are just Amazing and they make me jealous. :D

    I was wondering if there was anyway that I could still get the dated note paper element that was part of your contribution to Cornucopia? If there is, could you contact me at guikrazy@hotmail.com . Thanks either way.