I have just read Pioneer Woman's latest blog entry and if you have never read her blog, you must go check it out:

http://thepioneerwoman.com/confessions/ (Sorry, I just can't get the hyperlink thingy to work today so you'll have to copy and paste this into your toolbar!)

It is awesome, and always makes me laugh, cry and run through a whole gamut of emotions. The latest blog is about how when she and her hubbie were first courting, he took her out to the back of beyond (where they now live!)and she saw a woman mowing the grass in her bra and knickers, 'cos you never see anyone out there in the back of beyond, obviously, so you can do that sort of thing. Then in order to take a photo of an amazing sunrise, Pioneer Woman recently dashed outside wearing only a small white curtain wrapped around her like a toga and a pair of really ugly sandals...only to find that at the crack of dawn, there were one or two people about to watch her looking somewhat less than glamorous in her very fetching curtain!

Living in the middle of rural Shropshire (the county that most people have never even heard of!), means you never see sights like that and are more likely to come across a ferocious spider rather than someone half naked pushing around a lawnmower. And talking of ferocious spiders, I walked into our garage this morning (half of which has been converted into my office) and in the large sink there was positively the most enormous spider you have ever seen. I dashed into action, turned on the tap and practically flooded the sink and garage floor with water in an attempt to get rid of the spider. But it refused to go down the plughole (it actually wouldn't fit, it was so big) so when I thought it was dead, I turned the tap off.....

Did you know spiders can breathe underwater? I'm sure they must be able to because it was underwater for ages and as soon as the water had all drained out, it started uncurling its legs and trying to get out of the sink!!!! I must have tried three times to get rid of it, obviously without touching it as there was no way I was going to do that, until eventually, I ended up putting the plug over it as it was stuck in the plughole, and then our youngest son had his big brother dispose of it for me later.

It just goes to prove the old adage that men (or teenage sons in this case!) are good for three things: putting out bins,lifting heavy objects and killing spiders!