I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas.  We have most of our family here at the moment, with our eldest son and his girlfriend coming on Saturday for the weekend so for 24 hours, all the family will be together! This morning, however, it is a case of hitting the Boxing Day sales and then collecting Mum and Dad so they can come for a meal at our house.  Turkey, of course ;). Then unfortunately, it is straight back to work for me as the tax return filing deadline is looming and the work is piling up....

However, I have managed to get chance to make one or two things between preparing tax returns and accounts.  The first of these was some Christmas cards using these digital supplies:

Aren't those clusters gorgeous? And just look at these:

Just beautiful!

Full details of how I made the cards can be found here but it really was just a case of printing off two clusters on a sheet of A4 cardstock or photo paper (after adding a greeting), then cutting and folding into cards.  I added embellishments onto the cardstock ones (glitter glue, pearls, gems, etc.) and left the photo ones untouched:

I had a handful of cards made in less than half an hour ;)

Then yesterday, I was able to find time to make gift card holders for the girl;friends of my two eldest sons.  For these, I used the Keyhole Gift Card Holder cutting files from Paper Garden projects:

I combined this with Stampin' Up! cardstock and patterned paper to arrive at this:

Full details are again on the hybrid chick blog.

Why not give both of these a try?  They were really quick and easy and when time is at a premium, that is an added bonus!

Happy scrapping!