Life seems to have been really hectic around here recently with one thing and another.  I'm now taking my Dad to hospital once a fortnight for chemotherapy as he has cancer - he found out just before Christmas so that was a present he didn't want to receive :(! He now has a PICC line in his arm and has the drugs intravenously at the hospital and is then sent home with  a pump attached containing more drugs which take 48 hours to get through the PICC line.  There is then another trip to the hospital to get the pump removed, which I do if it is a weekday (my brother is doing the weekend trips).

He seems to be doing really well though, and apart from being very tired, has had no side effects to mention, which is a real blessing.  Mind you, there are people praying for him in my church and I have a friend in the USA who has her church praying for him too so you can take your pick as to which you think it is - the power of prayer, the right dosage of chemo, his age and fitness, or whatever.  I know what I think and I thank God he is doing ok.

Apart from that, life goes on here pretty much as usual - I'm overworked, underpaid, totally unappreciated, lol!! I really don't know where the time goes and 24 hours in each day is nowhere near long enough to get everything done ;).  I am having great difficulty getting any decent crafting time in...sigh!!!

Still, look see what I found the other day:

Collage Craft by Polka Dot Pixels - isn't it just scrumptious?  Now this is a kit that definitely calls for being turned into an album and it just so happens I was able to sneak a little bit of time here and there to make this:

Not bad, eh (I am sooo modest!!!!)?  It was made form one sheet of A4 card stock but obviously, the embellishments and tags were printed on extra card stock and heavy weight paper.  

This is a quick look at the inside pages:

I am really pleased with how it turned out and cannot believe how easy it was to make.  It took me at least twice as long to write it all up as it did to actually make it!  Further details on how to make this cab be found at  The Hybrid Chick.  Please do  take a look and let me know what you think.

Well, it is the May Day bank holiday here this weekend and I have a craft fair to make samples for, a walk planned with my son (unless he can wriggle out of it somehow ;)!), our eldest son is coming home for a day and I am taking part in a line dance demonstration, so with bookkeeping at a client's all day tomorrow and a very exciting trip to the cancer centre at the hospital on Friday, I reckon I am pushed for time yet again!

Well, whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you have fun and enjoy the bank holiday - apparently, the weather forecast is for good weather (unbelievable I know - sunshine in the UK on a bank holiday is practically unheard of.  We usually get rain, buckets of it!).

Hope you can find time for scrapping, whatever else you are doing!


  1. Lenoria said...

    These are both great and shows the versatility of the template. I have to admit that I love the bright colors of the first one!