Well, it is Valentine's day coming up so of course, you need a suitable gift box for that special person in your life.  After a quick search on the internet (I just googled "heart box template" - so easy!) , I found a suitable template and then used a digital kit I had had for a while but not used.

The kit is actually called Blue Rhapsody (and yes, I know hearts are supposed to be red, but the kit was too gorgeous not to use!):

Now you'll have to agree that is one gorgeous kit, right?  It actually just shows how busy I have been (can you hear the violin strings playing in the background?) since this is a Christmas kit and it is now February when I am using it!  I've linked the preview above, so if you wanted to go check the kit out, just click on the picture and it should take you straight there.

Anyhow, this is the end result:

I printed one of the kit papers onto plain white cardstock and then printed the template out on the other side.  You can just make out on the next photo the flower print on the inside of the box:

As you can see, I added some Cadbury's buttons (left over from yesterday!!!) so I hope hubbie appreciates these later this week ;).

To cover the box, I printed out one of the papers and trimmed it to size.  I cut out one of the small flowers and added the gemstone.  The colours didn't photograph too well in the artificial light (there is no way I was going to go outside in the rain to photograph this ;) ), so sorry for the poor quality.

This is actually a really quick and simple gift to make but it looks really effective, even if it is blue instead of red!  Why not have a go yourself and see what you can come up with?

Happy scrapping!


  1. Raissa Spatola said...

    I love your basket! The paper and that kit as you said is hell-o gorgeous! I had a hard time finding the link for your comments, I think others did as well! TFS!
    Rubber hugs,