There are some awesome sales on Friday, and just look at what Nibbles Skribbles has on offer:

Now I don't know about you, but I love making my own calendars every year, so this is an ideal time to get some quick pages and dates, then all you have to do is add the photos and voila, one unique calendar which you can print and send as a Christmas gift.  I'm actually going to go one better this year, as I am seriously considering getting these printed   My printer just seems to eat ink so it must be cheaper to get someone else to print it for me plus it would save all that hassle missing around with my Bind It All trying to make sure everything is lined up perfectly!

But look at what is available:

Aren't they neat?  And even better, I actually made one of them using one of Manda's kits.  I'm not going to tell you which one, just see if you can guess ;).  You can get them in a bundle with the grids for each month, the images and wordart at The Studio:

Everything you need (apart from the photos ;) ) to make a unique calendar!  I know I am definitely going to get myself one of these and will try and get this done over the weekend!   Unfortunately I have a couple of VAT returns to do before the weekend, as well as several tax returns, so scrapping will have to wait for a few days as I need to get the work done so I can get paid:(.

But I will definitely be popping over to The Studio  on Friday as they will have some amazing deals......

I just love sales!!

Happy Scrapping!