Well, I am making an early start (for once!) on my 2013 calendars.  I give these as Christmas gifts, making an A4 size calendars for ladies, and a 4x6 desktop calendar for men.  So far, I have made the desktop calendars as I was able to use these calendar grids from Nibbles Skribbles:

These are really so easy to use.  They come as a png file and all you have to do is drag them onto your calendar page for the relevant month and resize as necessary - it took longer to sort out which photos to use than it did to create each page!  If you make your own calendars, then these are ideal.  You can find them at The Studio and the preview above is linked to the store.

This is what I ended up with (you'll have to excuse the poor quality of the photo as the lighting in my office is terrible.):

The cover page was just a photo with the title added, and you can see how the calendar is put together from the side shot.  I cut two pieces of card stock 4" by 8", scoring each piece at 6".  After binding using my Bind-it-All, the short ends were folded over and stuck together to form the base of the calendar so it would stand up firmly.

These are the individual pages - I've just used the jpegs here as I was feeling lazy and didn't want to photograph each page and then make the preview (in my defence, it has taken me nearly 7 hours to make this calendar!):  

I used Scriptina and Calibri fonts.

These calendar grids are so easy to use and it will definitely make my life easier when it comes to making the A4 calendars!  

Well, it's now 10:45 pm here, so I'm off to get a well deserved glass of red wine!  Happy scrapping!