Well, I know I am always saying this, but time flies, doesn't it?  You try and get yourself organised, you blink and before you know it, over half a year has gone by and it's nearly Christmas again.....

What has been happening since my last post?  Well I've done hardly any designing (apart form a mini kit - see below for more details!), although I have been making lost of bible verse tags and really started making cards in earnest.  Here's a quick peek at some of them:

That was a new home card for my son and his girlfriend as they moved to a new flat a few weeks ago.  I'm developing a passion of Tim Holtz embossing folders and dies, as you can see!

Then lots of families form church have been having babies, so of course, that means a baby card (or two)!

And then a few other cards:

Sorry for the poor quality and the unusual background.  I put the cards on a wicker chair in my office meaning to get around to extracting the card from the photo but just haven't had time.

I've made lots of other cards too, but haven't photographed them yet.

Anyhow, we have been having a busy time of it recently.  Our daughter is off to Plymouth University so we had to dash to Plymouth the weekend before last, having only received final confirmation of her place on the Thursday evening, in order to go flat hunting,  We booked an appointment to see one from the motorway services and four hours later, she had signed the lease!

Then last weekend it was back to St Andrews to take up clothes, computer, books and so on for my son who is returning for his third year.  He's actually not going back for another 2 weeks, but he got the keys to his flat at the end of last week and wanted to get all his stuff in so al he has to do is go back by train in 2 weeks time.  We then had a very eventful journey back with a tyre blow out on the M6, a very friendly AA man and an emergency dash to a tyre place to get three new tyres!  Definitely one of my most expensive weekends away!

Then when we got back, I had to finish my kit for the "Next Designer Challenge 2011" at The Studio.   I;ve also entered the Layout contest as well, but more on both of these in my next post!