It seems an age since I was last here (nothing new in that, I hear you say....) but things have been, as usual, busy here.  My youngest is recovering nicely from his op, and I can't get over how small his scar is.  My appendix scar is a huge monstrous thing, but then after four children, most things in my abdominal region are pretty huge and monstrous ;).  However, his scar s a really neat 1.5" and looks like a partially healed scratch!  All I can say to that is his surgeon must be far neater at stitching than I am!  I am dead impressed!

He's still not back at school, and is getting tired really easily, but hopefully, he will be able to go back sometime next week, just in time to get some revision in for the science exams they are making year 8 take.  I can't tell you how much he is looking forward to those, not!

Anyhow, despite being really busy with work, I have still managed to find time to make some cards (I don't know how, other than the fact that work is probably suffering as a result), and this is what I have been up to: 

It's only a very basic card, made with cardstock and ribbon from my stash but the toadstool house is actually made using a photoshop action from Dreamcatcher Designs.  The action makes a fairy house, bow, flower and wings, and you can find it here.  It's not free, I'm afraid, but then so few photoshop actions like this are :(.

I'm actually entering the card in the Craftalicious Challenges  as I reckon since I'm now making all these cards, I might as well do something with them!  One of the design team on the Craftalicious blog is Jan, who just happens to run the craft class I go to ;).  

I've also been designing too, trying my hand at creating vellum.  I do have some notepaper for you but haven't had chance to upload it yet.  However, I have also been playing around with brushes, and came up with this:

It's a png file and you can download it here.  If you do use it, I'd love to see what you do with it :).

Happy scrapping!

Well, it is that time of the month again when the ADSDesigners release the quickpages based on the last blog collab. Mine is slightly late, mainly because I was in Scotland from Thursday to Saturday last week collecting our middle son from University. Then when we did get back on Saturday evening, it was to find our youngest son had had severe stomach ache all day, so this necessitated a trip to Shropdoc at the nearest community hospital, then a quick trip to paediatrics at a different hospital where he was diagnosed with appendicitis. I finally left him at midnight Saturday night, but had to dash back early Sunday morning to sign the consent forms and spent most of the day there with him. He had his op about 11 am on Sunday, and has done so well, that they discharged him early yesterday (Monday) afternoon!

Anyhow, as a result of me spending most of the last week either in Scotland or at the hospital (and then when I was home, having to wash the large suitcase full of dirty clothes that my student son brought back from St Andrews!), this is first chance I have had to post (ie make!) the quickpages. Of course, if I were anywhere near as organised as I should be, I would have actually made these at the same time I did my share of the collab kit, but hey, what's life without rapidly looming deadlines and unforeseen circumstances thrown in, eh?!!

The preview is:

As you can see, I ended up with four quickpages, two of them are 12x12, and the other two are 11x8.5. You can find the downloads here and here.

The other designers taking part in this are:

so don't forget to check out their blogs and collect more quickpages!

I'm off to make lunch now for one poorly 13 year old, who is now feeling much better than he was on Saturday night!

Happy scrapping!