Well, it is obviously that time of year when online digital scrap shops look for new designers, as Funky Playground Designs are running a designer contest now. As a wannabe designer I naturally applied, and although I doubt that I will even get past round 1, I know the experience will be good for me.

The challenge for round 1 was to create a mini kit with 5 patterned papers and 8 elements. Quite simple, you might think, very straightforward. But when you have so many colours to choose from, so many different patterns you could use, where do you start?!!!! It took me ages to decide on the colour swatch, and then I had trouble working out what patterns to use, and as for the elements... don't even go there! I eventually managed it and uploaded my kit to FPD earlier this afternoon. Here is my kit:

and these are the solid papers I made as an add on:

If you click on either of the previews, it should take you straight to my kit in the FPD gallery, where you can download the kit. Take a look around at the "Capture the Flag" gallery as there are some stunning kits there by some very well known names as well as relative beginners like me :)!


  1. Anonymous said...

    thanks for sharing!

    Mrs E of Scrappyfreebies.com