Well, I've been out preparing accounts at client premises for the past two weeks and am likely to be out most of this coming week as well. Unfortunately, because I am out all day, I have to work at night when I get back doing the other things that I would normally have done in the day - letter writing, payroll, and other such exciting stuff!

It has meant that any designing time has been cut right down. I have, however, managed to make some flowers and some acrylic photo frames, so will post some of these later today.

But in the meantime, here's some photos taken on the drive to Sheffield last Saturday. They are mainly of the sunrise (we had to leave early to be there for 9:30 and had some glorious views over the Peak district). some of the photos are a bit dark, but hopefully you can see the amazing sunrise in them.

This one was a squirrel running across the wall in the layby where I pulled over so I could take some photos. I probably drove everyone in the car mad with the number of times I kept stopping...but it is kind of difficult to take a photo whilst driving! The squirrel looks in focus here, but when the photo is the right size, he (or she) is actually a little blurry. I consider that I did a good job in actually managing to get the squirrel in the photo in the first place, blurry or not!

This one here looks particularly barren. There were some lovely views before we got here, but nowhere to stop and park the car while I took a photo, so you'll have to make do with this shot taken from the layby!

We went to Sheffiled to attend Sloshfest Sheffield, which was a remarkable event. It was a three day event, but we could only go on the last day. If you want further details regarding this, take a look at www.emergewales.com. It was an eventful day, with lots going on, and some of it was "strange". Think Lakeland plus some, and you will have an idea of what was going on. You could feel the presence of God there, but it was nothing like the very high Church of England church where I used to go.
Anyhow, see you later on with a freebie, or two!


  1. cheroy27 said...

    you didn't drive everyone in the car mad - we already are! Seriously, it was v good to appreciate Gods creation x