Well, I've been trying to get some more freebies done but work has had to take first place as we are going away on Friday night to the Lake District.

I love this part of the country and am really looking forward to it! The children love it too, and I just hope we are going to have some good weather. We're going prepared though, taking kagools and stuff, and have every intention of going out every day even if it does rain. And let's face it, this is Britain, it's the summer, and we're going to the Lake District so we're bound to get rain!

I have great plans to see just about as much as possible, although we will be based close to Lake Windermere and Coniston. My daughter and I want to go visit Beatrix Potter's house, much to the disgust of the boys, as they want to go to the beach on at least one day! Imagine, going all the way to the Lakes and they want to go to the seaside! Philistines!

Anyway, I'll try to be back with a freebie before we go away, probably some overlays or maybe some stock photos (flowers) - anyone got any preferences? If not, I'll definitely be doing something whilst I'm away because I am, of course, taking my laptop!