Well, I was sat here wondering how many people might have downloaded the second set of watercolours, when I realised that you can't download something if it hasn't been uploaded in the first place! Talk about forgetful! I actually got these ready to upload a couple of days ago but completely forgot to let you know.

There are ten papers in all, and they are darker than the first set but hopefully you will like them. Click here to go to 4shared to download them.

Happy scrapping!

Well, it promised to be a dry day on Saturday, not necessarily sunny because this is, after all, Britain in the summer, so we decided to go to the Peak District. this is a part of the country we have spent very little time in, shocking when you consider it is only an hour, hour and a half away (two hours if you get stuck in a traffic jam going through Ashbourne!).

DD found a walk in the internet from Milldale down to Dovedale and back. The first part of the walk is along the river, then you cross a bridge and go through Dovedale Wood and come out at Bunster Hill, then walk round to the Stepping Stones and then back along the river to where you started. Of course, if the map and guide is left in my very capable hands, you will end up not crossing the bridge, and effectively do the walk in reverse. Not necessarily a bad thing, apart from the fact that the walk along the river is a gentle meandering walk, whereas the walk through the woods and round Bunster hill is very steep, a real killer when you have to walk up the hill and then down through a steep, narrow,muddy path through the woods when you are already exhausted after walking some 3 miles! We are definitely going to go again, as it was so beautiful as you can see from some of the 101 photos I took!

This is the start of the walk at Milldale standing on the stone bridge across the river:

The path then takes you along the riverbank and winds and curls its way along:

Whilst it was flat along the riverbank, there were some terrific views and heights along the way:

This is Ilam bridge where we were supposed to cross to go up into the woods. DD is actually going back the wrong way here, presumably following directions from me :(!

As you can see, the path follows the river very closely:

And if you look closely, you can just about make out one brave soul rock climbing! He was actually being photographed by two women who had all the right gear - digital SLR cameras, tripods, lenses and so on, kind of put my little point and shoot camera to shame!

We spent ages trying to find somewhere quiet and secluded to eat our lunch, but it was actually really busy. there were loads of people around, mainly families with children, but also some serious looking walkers. This looked like being a good spot to eat, but everywhere this close to the river was damp and muddy! Not really surprising in view of all the rainfall last week.

We ended up not crossing over the Stepping Stones, mainly just because it was so busy. There were queues of people both sides waiting to Cross with at least one person on each stepping stone. We walked further round and crossed over at a foot bridge and then started to walk up Bunster Hill - a definite killer as it was just so steep! But the views were worth it!

All in all, we probably walked about seven miles, and I have the blisters to prove it! then on the way home, look at what we saw:

The perfect end to a wonderful day!

And then on Sunday, I managed to get some Photoshop time in (woohoo!!!). I finally managed to track down a paintbrush/watercolour effect tutorial and this is the result:

You can download them here, so let me know what you think. I have another set of 10 almost ready to go so I'll upload those later this week for you ;).

Happy scrapping!

Well, two weeks ago we (myself and three of the guys) went up the Wrekin. I'd promised our youngest a run out so even though it was raining, we decided to brave the elements and go up the Wrekin. The weather was just a slight drizzle for most of the time, so we didn't even need our coats on until it got too wet without them!

After the usual exertion of the steep path up to the house/cafe where we always get an ice cream, the path eased out (well, if you can call it easing out - at least it wasn't as steep as the first part where I always feel as if I am about to have a heart attack and have trouble getting my breath!). The view was, as always, stunning, even with the looming grey clouds:

So last Sunday, when our youngest wanted to go again, the weather was completely different: no rain and, in fact, there was actually some sunshine! The first part of the walk was the usual killer. DS kept telling me to be quiet on the way up when people passed - this was so they wouldn't hear my heavy breathing as I panted my way up the hill! I don't know what he was complaining about, at least I was walking (crawling?) up and many people wouldn't even attempt it!

As you can see the weather was much better. In actual fact, it was really warm and sunny and you can see the difference in the following photos:

DS wants to go to the Stiperstones next, but that will be an all day event, as we usually walk several miles when we go there and end up absolutely exhausted. I'm always amazed just how long a four mile walk can take as I am sure the trail map we follow is deliberately misleading. There is no way I could be that tired after a four mile walk, and I am convinced the walk is really eight miles at least but is only described as four in the brochure to get more people walking!

Anyhow, I have been playing around in Photoshop and actually managed to make a desktop before the middle of the month (just!):

I've only made it in one size (1280x1024) so if you would like it, grab it here.

Have fun!